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Backyard Bird Hummingbird - Hummingbird Links on This Backyard Bird Resource page.
The Garden Link : Hummingbird Links & What The Bird Means For Your Garden. - Breakdown by species of those found in North America. - The worlds only organization dedicated solely to hummingbirds and their conservation.
The Hummer/Bird Study Group Inc. - Hummingbird Preservation Group.
The Hummingbird Website! - With Conservation Articles and Many pictures.
Hummingbird Flower Feeding Survey - Shows you which flowers to grow in your backyard to attract Hummingbirds.
HummingbirdWebsite - Multiple Sections With Tons Of Information & an Extensive Photo Gallery
Hummingbird Information - Free Hummingbird Flower Seeds
Hummingbird Books & Links - Site That has tons of links & book links for the Hummingbird.
Hummingbird Maps Link Page - Site That holds links to over one hundred pages about hummingbird migratory maps.
Kolibri Hummingbird Page - Showcasing Many 3-D Renderings of the Hummingbird.
The Portalproductions Hummingbird Website! - Includes, pictures, nesting, nurture and other information.
Trochilids: Winter Hummingbirds & Their Migrational Patterns.

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