The Common Raven (Corvus corax) is a large black bird in the crow family

with iridescent feathers. The bill is curved. At maturity, they are between 60 and 78cm (24 to 27 inches) in length, with a wingspan double that. Apart from its greater size, the Raven differs from its cousins the crows by having a larger and heavier beak, and a deeper and more varied barking prrrukk call note. Other field points are the shaggy throat feathers and a longer, wedge-shaped tail. Ravens can thrive in varied climates. They range from the Arctic to the deserts of North Africa, and to islands in the Pacific Ocean, indeed this species has the largest range of any member of the genus.

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Most Ravens prefer wooded areas (with large open land nearby) or coastal regions and in mountains for their nesting sites and feeding grounds.










Mated Ravens tend to nest together for life. The pair will build a nest on cliff ledges or in trees. The nest is made of whatever materials may have caught the builders’ eyes. Ravens are known for their love of shiny objects. The female will lay from three to seven pale bluish-green, brown-blotched eggs. Both parents keep the eggs warm, and take turns feeding the chicks. A Raven in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.Ravens have a varied diet. They will eat anything edible, including insects, berries, fruit, other birds’ eggs, carrion, and the garbage from human homes. They also kill small birds and mammals, including young rabbits and rats. Experiments have shown that Ravens are capable of using tools; an experiment, where some desirable item lay on the bottom of a bottle, showed that some ravens were able to form a hook to reach the item.

Above Images From The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service