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An Inordinate Fondness For Beetles - A Really Well Designed Resource For Beetle Lovers And Collectors.
Beetle Breeding Web - A Site In Both English And Chineese Helping People Breed Beetles.
Beetle Conservation - Information, Facts And Photos About Beetles.
Beetle Experience - Beetle Information, pictures, Care, Links, Media And Rare Beetle Pictures And Info.
Beetle Mania - Includes Slideshows Of Beetle Photos, Links And Other Information.
Beetles By A.Bochdansky & M. Kriftner - A Site With Professional Photos Of Beetles.
Beetles On Stamps - A Website That Looks At the History Of Beetles Being Placed On Postage Stamps.
Beetles Photo Gallery - Great Collection Of Beetle Pictures.
Beetlespace - Includes A Gallery, Breeding Information, links And More.
Celudy - A web site essentially made of observations, breeding reports & photos dedicated to stag beetles, rhino beetles & flower beetles. - Nearctic & Neotropical Specimens Of the Longhorn Beetle Family. - International society devoted to the study of beetles in the insect order Coleoptera. - A Site For Those Interested In Collecting Beetles.
Coleoptera XXL Shop - A Website Designed To Sell Giant Beetles To Potential Buyers. - A Great Dutch Beetle Website.
English Version Of Scarabia - Includes Breeding List, Gallery, Links, Forum And More.
Family Scarabaeidae - An educational web site dedicated to scarab beetles. - Beetle Breeding Site for the Goliathus. The Largest Beetle Species In The World.
Ground Gods Beetle Breeding - Includes Tons Of Information To Breed Various Varieties Of Beetles. Includes Other Information Also.
Insects PhotoCollection - A Website With Pictures Of Various Beetles And Other Creatures. - A Site About Breeding Beetles. Has Everything You Need To Get Started.
Hilltop Pond Center - A Place Designed To Showcase Beetles and Other Insects In Their Natural Habitat.
Kay's Beetle Breeding Hobby - A challenge to the rearing of the longest rhinoceros and stag beetle.
Kevers Kweken - A Dutch Site Focused On Breeding Information On Very Beautiful Beetles.
Page Of The Breeder Of Beetles - Breeding Info, Links, List Of Species, Photogalleries And more.
Rhinocerous Beetles - A Personal Site About These And other Species. - Philippine Coleoptera Beetle. Great Site With Almost 1000 Photos.
Water Beetle World - A vast resource brought to you by the University of Texas.

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