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All About Snails - Games, Photos, Tales, Life Cycles And Anatomy All Relating To The Common Snail.
Apple Snail Website - Apple snails are exceptionally well adapted to tropical regions with periods of drought alternated with periods of excessive rainfall.
CyberSlug Adoption Center - A Very Unique Site. Allows You To Adopt Snails As Pets.
Escargot & Heliciculture In English - Includes Information On Snail Rearing, Cooking And Morel.
Freshwater Molluscan Shells – Pictures
Giant African Land Snail Site - Has Information On General Snail Care For This And Other Varieties. - Snail Facts & Other Info
Man and Mollusc – Tons of Snail Stuff!
Nautical Aquarium Snails – Information & Pictures
Robyn’s Mollusk Page – Fish Pond Info
Snails In The Aquarium - Did You Know That Snails Can Also Liver Underwater?

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