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A Guide To Stick Insects Of Australia - A Website with Tons Of Information On These Creatures Found Down Under.
Euphasmida - Stick & Leaf Insects.
Insektus - A Site About Stick Insects.
Le Monde Des Phasmes - A French Languges Site with Links, Gallery, Information And More. All In French!
Mad Martian - Stick Bug Pages. Many Pictures In This Gallery. - A Website Dedicated To Mantids and Stick Insects.
Order - Website With Much Scientific And Historical Information About This Creature.
Phasa-Tania - Your Online Portal For Stick And Leaf Insects.
Phasma - A Website About Phasmids From The Netherlands.
PHASMA -TANIA - An online portal for PHASMID enthusiasts. Includes Links, Species Lists, Clubs And More.
PHASMANIA.CO.UK - A WORLD OF PHASMIDS AND MANTIDS. – The World of Stick Insects On This Site In Both English And Deutsch Languages.
Phasmid Study Group - Includes Information, Articles, Species List, Links And More.
Phasmid Study Group Home Page - The society for anyone with an interest in Stick and Leaf insects.
Phasmider - A German Phasmid Website With Tons Of Links And information.
Phasmids - In Polish, but definitely worth a look even if you don't understand the language.
Phasmid Stick Insects - Includes information On Caring For them As Well As Photos, Articles, Links And More.
South African Stick Insects - The stick insects of South Africa are placed in two suborders, each containing one local family.
Stick - An Irish Stick Insect Site With Galleries, Care Sheets And More.
Stick Insects At Tripod - Another well-presented site containing a lot of useful advice on rearing phasmids.
Stick Insect Visitations - A personal site that is more on the scientific side of things.
Strasilky - A Czech Phasmid website with a lot of wonderful photographs
(link "Druhy"). All in Czech only at this time.
Terraristik Home Page - A German Site With Mantids And Stick Insects.

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