Antelope (3)
Arctic Fox
Badger (7)
Bat (3)
Beaver (2)
Bighorn Sheep (1)
Bison (6)
Black Bear (6)
Blue Whale (7)
Brown Bear (4)
Camel (6)
Caribou (1)
Cheetah (3)
Chipmunk (7)
Cottontail Rabbit (12)
Cow (7)
Coyote (2)
Deer (5)

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No wonder this program is popular and has been receiving great reviews. Coming back to the article about the dictionary of animals. 

Dolphin (10)
Donkey (3)
Elephant (10)
Elk (3)
Ferret (7)
Florida Panther
Giraffe (1)
Goat (8)
Gray Whale (2)
Grizzly Bear (7)
Ground Squirrel
Guinea Pig (7)
Horse (7)
Humpback Whale (5)
Hyena (2)
Jack Rabbit
Killer Whale (4)
Leopard (3)
Lion (2)
Llama (5)
Louisiana Black Bear
Manatee (7)
Moose (7)
Mountain Goat (4)
Mountain Lion
Mouse (4)
Musk Ox
Otter (4)
Panda (5)
Pig (5)
Pine Martin
Polar Bear (5)
Porcupine (1)
Prairie Dog (2)
Pronghorn Antelope
Raccoon (4)
Rat (13)
Red Fox (3)
Rhino (4)
Sea Lion (2)
Sheep (5)
Sperm Whale (3)
Squirrel (2)
Whale Shark (5)
Wolf (12)
Yak (2)
Zebra (1)