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Alberta Ferret Society - Providing Shelter For Ferrets In Need And Education For Those Considering The Ferret As A Pet.
BFFW FERRETS - British Federation Of Ferret Welfares
Cascade Ferret Network - Providing Temporary Homes And Adoption For Homeless Or Abused Ferrets.
Deaf Ferrets - Wolfy's Wondifferous World Of Weasels... Ferrets That Is!!!
Ferret Aid Society - National Charitable Organization Dedicated To The Health And Happiness Of Ferret Friends.
Ferret Corner Shelter - We are a home based NO-KILL Ferret Shelter located in the Sierra Vista area, Arizona.
Ferret Haven By The Sea - A Ferret Rescue And Shelter Place.
Ferret Paws (NZ) Inc. - New Zealand Ferret Protection and Welfare Society Incorporated. - Welcome To The Lakeroad Ferret Farm Rescue Shelter. - A No-Kill Ferret Shelter That Promotes The Care And Welfare - Ferret Information Rescue Shelter & Trust Society. - Fox Valley Ferret Rescue And Adoption Services.
Junassicpark - We are caregivers of the residents of Junassicpark.
MD Ferret Paws - Maryland Ferret Protection and Welfare Society working to promote the domestic ferret as a companion animal and to educate the public about this wonderful pet.
Michigan Ferret Rescue - Great Resource For This North Eastern United States Region.
Miami Ferret Help Line - Providing referral and information services for the South Florida ferret community.
Northern Ohio Ferret Association - Ferret Shelter. Come One Come All!!
Pennsylvania Ferret Club And Shelter - An organization dedicated entirely to the needs of domestic ferrets. - Washington Ferret Rescue And Shelter.

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