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Gibbon Conservation Alliance
- Aimed at promoting gibbon conservation and research, at increasing the public knowledge on gibbons and at improving the presence of gibbons in all media.
Gibbon Conservation Center - Nonprofit center for the study, preservation, and propagation of highly endangered species.
Gibbon Foundation - The Gibbon Foundation is a charitative foundation dedicated to the unchangeable goal of animal conservation, with the focus on Indonesia.
Gibbon Network - Founded by Dr. Thomas Geissmann in order to connect people interested in gibbon research, connect field sites in South-east Asia specializing in gibbon research and reintroduction.
Gibbon Rehabilitation Project - The gibbons you see in the bars, being carried around as tourist photo opportunities or as household pets started life high in the tree canopy of Thailand’s rainforests.
Gibbon Research Lab - Do you want to know more about gibbons? This is the place you need to visit.
Gibbon World - Website by Hou-Chun (Michael) Chen (Taipei, Taiwan), providing information on captive gibbons (including sound and video clips).

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