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Bushmeat Project - Hunted to extinction for commercial bushmeat in the equatorial forests of west and central Africa, a few thousand commercial bushmeat hunters supported by the timber industry illegally shoot and butcher Gorillas.
Gorilla Communication - Information, photos and audio featuring gorilla communication. Web site provided by Simone Pika.
Gorilla - The Dewar Wildlife Trust's Gorilla Haven Project offers a sanctuary for gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains.
Gorillas Galore - A new gorilla site that catalogs all lowland gorillas that were ever known to be in captivity in zoos around the world. - This is the second version of a website dedicated to the gorilla group at Apenheul Primate Park in The Netherlands.
Gorillas Online – This site covers gorilla facts, behavior, genetics, and conservation. The site is richly illustrated with original gorilla pictures and photos.
International Primate Protection League - Since 1973, Working to protect gorillas and all living primates. – A safari company that cares; information about gorilla conservation from
Mountain Gorilla Geomatics Project - Geomatics technologies in support of the on-going research activities to preserve the Mountain Gorillas in the Virunga mountains.
Western Eastern Gorillas - Information on gorillas in general, the western lowland gorilla and the mountain gorilla, photos, and links.

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