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Catch The Cavy Spirit - Guinea Pig Adoption, Breeding, Links, Adopting And More About Cavies.
Cavy - Site With Funny Pictures, Comics, Animation, Pictures and More About Cavies.
Cavies, Guinea Pigs - A "Guinea Pig" is neither a pig nor is it from Guinea!
CAVIES GALORE – A Global Guinea Pig Community. - As a beginner's gateway to the world of guinea pigs, we cover the basics and provide links to more in-depth sites.
Countdown Caviary - We currently breed quality Americans, Peruvians, Silkies, & Texels in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.
Erins Precious Pigs - I am a breeder of American Himalayans, American Whites, American Satin Himalayans, American Satin Whites, and Texel Himalayans.
Guinea Lynx - Cavy Health Care Resources. Links to Other Sites And On Site Emergency Care Tips.
Guinea Mag - A Magazine Exclusively Dedicated To Cavies. Lasted For Only One Great Year. But Still A Great Online Resource.
Guniea Pig Television - A Live Cavy Webcam. Enjoy Watching Oreo And Brownie In Front Of The Camera. - Guinea Pig Info You Can Rely On. Includes A Comprehensive Forum And Information On Cages.
Mutual Guinea Pig Society - A group of friends who love to love their Guinea Pigs
Pet Rescue Center - Guinea Pig Help Center. Great Tips To Help You Raise Your Pigs.
Piggie Planet - If you are long-time guinea pig owner, or are thinking of getting a new guinea pig, you've come to the right place.
Piggieville - This site is dedicated to two Guinea Pigs Dancer & Sonny.
Squeaky Pigs Guinea Pig Rescue - Has Information On Basic Care, Pig Of The Month, Sounds, Poems About Pigs And More.
Treens' Pigs In Motion - Personal Site With Pigs, Information, Links, Great Animation And More.
Two Guinea Pigs Web Page - Our names are Snowberry and Cinnamon and this is our first web page.

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