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About The Hyena – Hyena Pictures & Lifestyle
Animal Fact Sheets – The Spotted Hyena
Animal Web – The Spotted Hyena
BlackEvil The Hyena – Foreign Language Website With Different Informational Sections.
Brown Hyena Research Project – Inforamtion
Elephants’ Graveyard – Includes Images, Music, Videos And Other Hyena Information From A Site About The Lion King Hyenas.

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Gypseywolfs’ Den – A Site About Hyena, Dogs And Wolves. Great Site! Cartoon Images Too!
Hyena Skull Information & Scans
Hyena University – Links, Info, & Pictures
Spotted Hyena Page – Website With Information & Facts About The Hyena as Well as pictures.
Spotted Hyena Photos – Twenty Spotted, Ten Striped & Ten Brown Hyena Photos.