The puma (Puma concolor) is a type of large cat found in North

Central and South America. It is also known by the regional names of cougar, mountain lion, panther, catamount, and painted cat. At least in the US, panther by itself refers to a puma, although the term black panther is more commonly associated with the melanistic variants of leopards or jaguars rather than pumas. Genetically, pumas are closer to leopards than to lions. There is considerable variation in colour and size of these animals across their large range of habitats. Subspecies The Florida panther is a rare subspecies of puma that lives in the swamps of southern Florida in the United States, especially in the Everglades. There is currently a widespread effort in Florida to try to save the remaining population of the state’s native panthers, as their numbers are extremely sparse.







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Before the modern human population explosion in the Americas, despite being called a “mountain lion”, the puma ranged across most of the Americas. Even now, it has the biggest range of any New World land animal, spanning 110 degrees of latitude, from northern British Columbia (in Canada) to the southern Andes (on both the Chilean and Argentinian sides).

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Hunted almost to extinction in the United States, the puma has made a dramatic comeback, with an estimated 30,000 individuals in the western United States. In Canada, puma are found west of the prairies, in Alberta and British Columbia.

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