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Asiafoto Picture Library – Pictures of the apes of Indonesia.
Balikpapan Orangutan Survival Foundation - Reintroduction program for confiscated orangutans on the island of Borneo. News, information, and images.
Nick Lyon - Photographer Nick Lyon traveled to Leuser National Park in Sumatra and captured beautiful photos of orangutans and other wildlife.
Orangutan Health Project - Research project based in Sumatra investigating the use of medicinal plants by orangutans. Includes photo gallery and volunteer program.
Orangutan Information Centre - We are a non-profit organisation sponsored by the Sumatran Orangutan Society and the Gibbon Foundation. We are committed to educating local people and promoting the conservation of the orangutans and their habitat.
Orangutans in Borneo 2000 - Promotes a trip to Borneo in August 2000 with the Orangutan Foundation UK. Contains details on orangutans and their background, geography, and plight.
Orangutans Online - Welcome to, the continuously updated source of online information about orangutans and the threats to their environment.
Orangutans of Sumatra - Photographs of Sumatran orangutans and their habitat.
Primate Site - Provides in-depth information and resources for people dedicated to facilitating the reintroduction of orangutans to their natural habitats.
Sumatran Orangutan - The worlds most important populations of Sumatran orangutans are in critical danger of extinction!
Sumatran Orangutan Society - Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered. Habitat loss and poaching are pushing them towards imminent extinction.
Welcome to My Gallery - Images of THE RED APE A Pictorial Record of Orangutans of Central Indonesian Borneo.
World of the Orangutan - Conservation information about the orangutan in Indonesia. In English, German, and Dutch.

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