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Awesome Skunks and Morgan Horses
Chris`s Pet Skunk Page – See pictures of a pet Skunk and information about how to care for a pet Skunk.
Domestic Skunks - This site is dedicate to the memory of my cherished loved one, My Baby [a skunk] who left this life entirely too soon.
Dragoo - The primary goal of this site is to provide basic biological information pertaining to wild skunks.
Florida Skunk Rescue - A network of Florida Skunks As Pets members dedicated to fostering and finding homes for domestic skunks throughout the United States.
Just Skunks - This site is dedicated to domestic, pet skunks. Whether you are new to the skunk world, an experienced owner, or just looking for information on skunks as pets, we have something for everyone.
MICHON'S PET'S – A Page about on person’s deep love for skunks (and other animals).
Old Rabbit – Cartoon Furry Friends – Skunk Information
OOPS - This site is devoted to helping captive-bred pet skunks and their owners. We really do appreciate your visit!
Sent-Sesional Skunks – A site for people how like to own their own Skunks as pets.
SkunkHaven - Our Domestic Skunk Care and Rescue site. We own and operate SkunkHaven Shelter.
Skunkville - I'm dedicated to educating the public with domestic skunk care. The name of my rescue shelter is The Skunk's Den.
Skunks As Pets
– A site where Skunks rule a world… a wonderful world of skunks! Information about pets care, skunk humour, and tons of other skunk stuff.
Skunks As Pets Canada – Chainging Canada One Skunk At A Time
Stinky Business - Our mission is to teach the public how to coexist with their backyard wildlife neighbors, and to be open to humane solutions.
Stinktiere (From Germany)
Striped Bandits - Are you considering owning a skunk as a pet? They are so cute and adorable aren't they? Skunks can be excellent pets under the proper conditions.

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