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Anti Squirrel Coalition – Welcome Comrade, Squirrels Are Evil And Must Be Stopped. They Are A Menace.
California Ground Squirrel Page – Includes Links, Pictures And Information On California Ground Squirrels.
Grey Squirrel’s Page Of Silliness – A Site Calling On All Citizens To Declard War On The Squirrels Once the War In Iraq Is Over.
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John’s World O’Squirrels – Essays, Photos, & Tips
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Oak Branch Woods – A Series Of Novels By Kimberly Shriner. Stories About Squirrels.
Raising A Baby Squirrel – A Couple That Found A Baby Squirrel With A Broken Leg And Their Quest to Domesticate It.
Squirrel Lovers Club – Have Fun!
Squirrel Page – A Site With Links, Pictures, Articles And Other Information Related To These Creatures.
Squirrel Rehab – Getting Fuzzes Back ON Their Feet
Squirrel Sanctuary – Healthy & Free – A Comprehensive Directory For Everyones’ Favorite Backyard Creature.
Squirrelmania – A Site With Many Pictures Of Squirrels.
Squirrel Lover’s Club – Is an international organization whose membership is open to squirrel lovers of all ages. Started In 1995.
Squirrels Must Be Stopped! – Anti Squirrel Information. Squirrels and their plan for global domination. – Everything You need to know to help raise and orphaned squirrel.
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