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Ohio Tiger Foundation - Tiger sanctuary in Gambier, Ohio.
Siberian Tiger Conservation Association – Change your life when you experience a close encounter with our cats.
Sierra Endangered Cat Haven – A place for the endangered cats of the world to find a place to live in peace.
Shambala – Made to educate the public about exotic animals; to advocate for legislation to protect them and to provide sanctuary for exotic animals.
T&D’s Cats of The World - T&D's Cats of the World purpose is to rescue wildlife, especially exotic felines, from situations of abuse, mistreatment, abandonment, or when they are no longer wanted as 'pets'.
Thunderhawk - Native Americans who save big cats from uncertain fates.
Tiger Link – Saving Tigers on Animal At A Time.
Tiger Touch - New hope for endangered cats through sanctuary, research and education.
Tiger Trust - At the Tiger Trust, our mission is to save the tiger and preserve its natural habitat in India.
Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and Retreat
- is home to 50 large cats and other animals.
Victor's Siberian Tigers - Story of Victor Yudin's fight to save this wild feline(Panthera tigris altaica) from extinction. Includes desktop pictures, photos, and animations.

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