Dolphins are certain aquatic mammals related to whales and porpoises

The name is from Ancient Greek delphis meaning “with a womb”, viz. “a ‘fish’ with a womb”. The word is used in a few different ways. It can mean: any member of the family Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins), any member of the families Delphinidae and Platanistoidae (oceanic and river dolphins), any member of the suborder Odontoceti (toothed whales; these include the above families and some others), laypeople often use the term synonymously with Bottlenose Dolphin, the most common and familiar species of dolphin.
In this article, the second definition is used.

There are many animals which may appear similar and may have similar living environment, and only scientists know that these belong to different families. Sometimes people do not realize that dolphins are not fish, but mammals.  

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Porpoises (suborder Odontoceti, family Phocoenidae) are thus not dolphins in our sense. Orcas and some related species belong to the Delphinidae family and therefore qualify as dolphins, even though they are called whales in common language. There are almost 40 species of dolphin in 17 genera. They vary in size from 1.2 metres and 40 kg (Heaviside’s Dolphin), up to 9.5 metres and 10 tonnes (the Orca). Most species weigh between about 50 and about 200 kg. They are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, and all are carnivores, mostly taking fish and squid. The family Delphinidae is the largest in the Cetacea, and relatively recent: dolphins evolved about 10 million years ago, during the Miocene.

Above Images Come From The National Undersea Research Program 

True crabs are crustaceans in the Order Decapoda

which also contains lobsters, shrimp, prawns, hermit crabs and a number of less well-known groups. They have five pairs of walking legs (the first of which is modified into a pair of claws or chelae) and typically a flattened shell. In all but a few crabs (for example, Raninoida), the abdomen is folded under the cephalothorax. The form of the abdomen usually reveals the sex of the crab – males have a narrow abdomen, while females have a much wider abdomen, under which they carry their eggs. Crabs are a very diverse group, mostly found in salt water, but with some groups living in freshwater or on land. Although famed for their tendency to walk sideways, crabs are in fact able to walk in any direction.

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Classification within the crabs is traditionally based on the position of the gonopores, whether they are found on the legs or on the thorax. In the two “primitive” sections (sometimes called collectively the “Podotremata”), the gonopores are found on the legs (as in all other decapods); in the Heterotremata, the male gonopores are on the legs, and the female gonopores are on the sternum; in the Thoracotremata, all gonopores are on the sternum.

Above Images Came From The NOAA

The Common Raven (Corvus corax) is a large black bird in the crow family

with iridescent feathers. The bill is curved. At maturity, they are between 60 and 78cm (24 to 27 inches) in length, with a wingspan double that. Apart from its greater size, the Raven differs from its cousins the crows by having a larger and heavier beak, and a deeper and more varied barking prrrukk call note. Other field points are the shaggy throat feathers and a longer, wedge-shaped tail. Ravens can thrive in varied climates. They range from the Arctic to the deserts of North Africa, and to islands in the Pacific Ocean, indeed this species has the largest range of any member of the genus.

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Most Ravens prefer wooded areas (with large open land nearby) or coastal regions and in mountains for their nesting sites and feeding grounds.










Mated Ravens tend to nest together for life. The pair will build a nest on cliff ledges or in trees. The nest is made of whatever materials may have caught the builders’ eyes. Ravens are known for their love of shiny objects. The female will lay from three to seven pale bluish-green, brown-blotched eggs. Both parents keep the eggs warm, and take turns feeding the chicks. A Raven in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA.Ravens have a varied diet. They will eat anything edible, including insects, berries, fruit, other birds’ eggs, carrion, and the garbage from human homes. They also kill small birds and mammals, including young rabbits and rats. Experiments have shown that Ravens are capable of using tools; an experiment, where some desirable item lay on the bottom of a bottle, showed that some ravens were able to form a hook to reach the item.

Above Images From The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The Golden Oriole

Oriolus oriolus, is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds to breed in northern hemisphere temperate regions. It is a summer migrant to Europe and western Asia, wintering in the tropics. It is a bird of tall deciduous trees in woodland, orchards or parks. The tiny British population breeds in commercial Black poplar plantations. The neat nest is built in a fork in a tree, and contains 3-6 eggs.

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The food is insects and fruit, found in the tree canopies where the orioles spend much of their time. The male is striking in the typical oriole black and yellow plumage, but the female is a drabber green bird. Orioles are shy, and even the male is remarkably difficult to see in the dappled yellow and green leaves of the canopy. The flight is somewhat like a thrush, strong and direct with some shallow dips over longer distances.








The call is a screech like a jay, but the song is a beautiful fluting weela-wee-ooo or or-iii-ole, unmistakable once heard. The name “oriole” was first recorded (in the Latin form oriolus) by Albertus Magnus in about 1250, and was stated by him to be onomatopoeic, from the song of the Golden Oriole. The New World orioles are similar in appearance to the Oriolidae, but are icterids unrelated to the Old World birds.

Above Images From The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The orca (Orcinus orca), commonly known as the killer whale

often called the grampus, is the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. It is the second-most widely distributed mammal on Earth (after humans) and is found in all the world’s oceans. It is also a versatile predator, eating fish, turtles, birds, seals, sharks and even other juvenile and small cetaceans. This puts the orca at the pinnacle of the marine food chain. The name “killer whale” reflects the animal’s reputation as a magnificent and fearsome sea mammal that goes as far back as Pliny the Elder’s description of the species. Today it is recognized that the orca is neither a whale (except in the broadest sense, i.e., the sense that all cetaceans are whales) nor a danger to humans; no attack on a human by an orca in the wild has ever been recorded, though there have been isolated reports of captive orcas attacking their handlers at marine theme parks.

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The animals are distinctively marked, with a black back, white chest and sides and a white patch above and behind the eye. They have a heavy and stocky body and a large dorsal fin. Males can be up to 9.5 m long (31 ft) and weigh in excess of 6 tons; females are smaller, reaching up to 8.5 m (28 ft) and a weight of about 5 tons. Calves at birth weigh about 180 kg and are about 2.4 m long (8 ft). At about 1.8 m (6 ft), the dorsal fin of the male is taller than the female’s, and more upright. Large male orcas are very distinctive and are unlikely to be confused with any other sea creature. When seen from a distance in temperate waters, females and juveniles can be confused with various other species, such as the False Killer Whale or Risso’s Dolphin.

001- 002.jpg courtesy US Fish and Wildlife Service
003-024.jpg courtesy National Undersea Research Program

Hummingbirds (family Trochilidae) are small birds

capable of hovering in mid-air due to the rapid flapping of their wings (15 to 80 beats per second, depending on the size of the bird). They are named for the characteristic hum of this rapid wing motion. They are the only birds that can fly backwards. Hummingbirds are attracted to many flowering plants—shrimp plants, fuchsias, many penstemons, etc.—especially those with red flowers. Hummingbirds feed on the nectar of these plants.

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They are important pollinators, especially of deep-throated flowers. Most species also eat insects. Male hummingbirds are usually brightly coloured, females duller. The males take no part in nesting. The nest is usually a neat cup in a tree. Two white eggs are laid, which are quite small, but large relative to the bird’s size. Incubation is typically 14-19 days. The Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is, at 1.8 grams, the smallest bird in the world. 







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A typical North American hummingbird, the Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris) weighs approximately 3 grams and has a length of 7.6 cm (3 in). Hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of all animals, a necessity in order to support the rapid beating of their wings. Their heartbeat can reach 500 beats per minute. They also typically consume more than their own weight in food each day, and to do that, they have to visit hundreds of flowers every day. But at any given moment, they’re hours away from starving. Fortunately, they are capable of slowing down their metabolism at night, or any other time food is not readily available. They enter a hibernation-like state known as torpor. During torpor, the heartrate and rate of breathing are both slowed dramatically, reducing their need for food.Above Pictures From The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Herons are medium to large long-legged

long-necked wading birds of the family Ardeidae, which also includes the egrets and bitterns. Within the family Ardeidae, all members of the genera, Botaurus and Ixobrychus are classed as bitterns, not herons, however the species sometimes known as egrets are simply white-coloured herons with decorative plumes, and not a biologically distinct group (although one could also define true Egrets as the members of genus Egretta). The classification of the individual heron species is fraught with difficulty, and there is still no clear consensus about the correct placement of many species into either of the two major genera, Ardea and Egretta.

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The Boatbill is sometimes classed as a heron, and sometimes given its own family Cochlearidae. Although herons resemble other families, such as the storks, ibises and spoonbills, unlike the latter groups, herons fly with their necks retracted, not outstretched.







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Herons typically feed in shallow water or marshes, taking fish, frogs or small birds and mammals. In February 2005 the Canadian scientist Dr Louis Lefebvre announced a method of measuring avian IQ in terms of their innovation in feeding habits. Herons were named among the most intelligent birds based on this scale.

Above Pictures From The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Marine angelfish are perciform fish of the family Pomacanthidae

Found on shallow reefs in the tropical Atlantic, Indian, and mostly western Pacific Ocean, the family contains seven genera and approximately 86 species. They should not be confused with the freshwater angelfish, tropical cichlids of the Amazon River basin.






With their vibrant colours and deep, laterally compressed bodies, marine angelfish are some of the more conspicuous residents of the reef. They most closely resemble the butterflyfish, a related family of similarly showy reef fish. Marine angelfish are distinguished from butterflyfish by the presence of strong preopercle spines (part of the gill covers) in the former. This feature also explains the family name Pomacanthidae; from the Greek poma meaning “cover” and akantha meaning “thorn”. Many species of marine angelfish have streamer-like extentions of the soft dorsal and anal fins. The fish have small mouths, relatively large pectoral fins and rounded to lunate tail fins.

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The largest species, the gray angelfish (Pomacanthus arcuatus) may reach a length of 60 centimetres; at the other extreme, members of the genus Centropyge do not exceed 15 centimetres. A length of 20-30 centimetres is average for the rest of the family. The smaller species are popular amongst aquarists, whereas the largest species are occasionally sought as a food fish; however, there have been reports of ciguatera poisoning as a result of eating marine angelfish.

Above Inages Come From The NOAA

Beetles (order Coleoptera) are one of the main groups of insects

The order has more species in it than any other order in the entire animal kingdom. 40% of all insect species are beetles (about 350,000 species), and new species are regularly discovered. The forewings of beetles are transformed into hard shells, called elytra. These elytra form an armour protecting the abdomen and the sensitive hindwings. The forewings are not used (at least not actively flapped) in flying, but they must (in most species) be raised in order to move the hindwings. After landing the hindwings are folded below the elytra. Most beetles can fly, but few reach the dexterity of some other groups, e.g. flies, and many species only fly if absolutely necessary. Some beetles have elytra that have grown together and cannot fly at all; a few have lost their wings altogether.

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Some beetle larvae (young) are leaf miners. Beetles can be found in almost all biomes, but are not known to occur in the sea or in the polar regions. Beetles are endopterygotes with complete metamorphosis. The larva of a beetle is called a grub. When J. B. S. Haldane, a British geneticist, was asked what his studies of nature revealed about God, he replied, “An inordinate fondness for beetles.” The study of beetles is called coleopterology, and its practitioners coleopterists. See list of notable coleopterists.


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